Blitzkrieg 1 & 2 cross-play patch live, games now 75% off

Bridge too near.
*sirens blaring*
- Commander, there are reports coming from the front - our troops are being attacked by forces from ANOTHER PLATFORM!
- Ah, at last! This is a glorious day indeed, soldier!
- Sir?
- It means the Blitzkrieg Anthology & Blitzkrieg 2 Anthology have received the long-awaited update which allows for cross-play with Steam. New challenges, new tactics, and new victories await! Prepare the men.
- We may need reinforcements, sir. The war has taken its toll...
- Not to worry, soldier, I've arranged for some new blood. See, both games are now 75% off until August 1st, 1pm UTC.
- Ah sweet! Time for someone else to do all the chores around her---
- So why don't you pick up that mop and make sure the barracks look spotless for their arrival, eh? There's a good lad.
- ......