Here's our final cosplay tutorial – created by Tania

Although Halloween is already behind us, the Halloween Sale on GOG.COM is still not over. Not only do over 2000 gaming deals await your discovery, but we also have a final cosplay tutorial to show you. This time Tania, our friend from GOG's e-commerce team will do the honors.


If you follow our editorials on GOG.COM frequently you probably already know Tania thanks to her fantastic cosplay of Rachel from Blade Runner. It's no surprise that she not only works as an e-commerce specialist at GOG but also creates wonderful cosplay costumes and runs fida_crats Instagram profile in her spare time. Today she'll show us how to prepare a cool-looking prop gun – Maliwan Hellfire from the game Borderlands 2. Without further ado, we leave the floor to her.
Hey there! Here is a mini-tutorial on making a prop gun out of mainly EVA foam with some PVC reinforcements.
To make it happen, you'll need:
· EVA foam 10mm
· PVC sheet 5mm
· Contact glue or cyanoacrylate adhesive
· Wood glue
· Heat gun
· Flexible filler
· Plastidip or another flexible primer
· Dremel or another multifunction tool
· Exacto knife
These templates will also come in handy:
· Template 1
· Template 2
Now for the step-by-step tutorial:
1. We cut the main body out of EVA foam and PVC sheet, stick them all together, and roughly cut off the excess materials.
2. Once we have the rough shape, it’s time for the more detailed part of work with a rotary tool to smooth out the edges. Remember that EVA and PVC are quite toxic when sanded down so it’s better to avoid inhaling them by using goggles and a mask!
3. Time for bulking the base a bit! We need to cut the more detailed shapes and sand them down to give them rounded edges.
4. Now we need to add even more details, by cutting the remaining parts out. We will send them as well, as for the gaps in the seems we can use the filler to smooth out the transitions and make it a nice, neat surface.
5. Once we have the elements glued to the main body and sanded down, we can transfer the details. EVA foam is soft enough that you can pick the stencil and run over the lines for a sharper pencil or pen to leave a trace on the foam and make it more visible later on with a second pass.
Afterward, make small cuts with the exacto knife on traced lines and heat those up with the heat gun to get nice and crisp indentures. The last steps are priming the whole thing with wood glue and covering it afterward with plastidip. Now the base gun is ready for your creative mind and painting however you wish!
So, try creating your own cosplay accessory thanks to Tania's tips and discover more scary costume inspirations thanks to the Halloween Sale on GOG.COM!