GOG.com speaks Russian. New releases, and 30+ games up to 75% off.

Welcome, Russian-speaking gamers!
GOG.com has always been about bringing you the widest selection of the greatest games: classic, new, all DRM-free. To keep this up we need to grow, and to grow we want to reach out to more gamers worldwide. We've already unveiled a French and German version of our store, and today we're introducing Russian to GOG.com! (Did you know that it's the second most used language on the internet?)
We already have more than 150 games in Russian in our catalog, and today we celebrate by releasing six new DRM-free games - including two digital distribution exclusives and three weeklong discounts:
-Galactic Assault: Prisoner of Power (digital distribution exclusive)
-Sea Dogs (digital distribution exclusive)
-Wings of Prey Complete
-Pilot Brothers (-33%)
-Men of War (-50%)
-Death to Spies (-50%)
We have over 30 more games on sale this weekend up to 75% off: Russian-language games straight "From Russian with Love"! That includes not just the new releases, but also the King's Bounty saga, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series and more. Everyone is invited to mingle, and it's as good a time as any to break down gaming's largest language barriers one discount at a time.
With an all-new website language, localised customer support, and a dedicated Russian forum, we're hoping to become the right place for all of our Russian-speaking gamers. We’re also adjusting our prices in those regions. For over a year we’ve been offering games at lower prices in Russia and other independent countries that emerged from the USSR, places where game prices have historically been lower than in western markets. Starting today, more games will be priced appropriately for these territories. We've decided to adjust our pricing to the realities of the market, to avoid a sense that you have to pay more to get your games DRM-free or that GOG.com games are more expensive than other stores that operate in those regions.
Just in case you wondering, introducing these price changes won't affect the way gifting works today on GOG.com.