5 classic games from Ziggurat Interactive join GOG.COM today

Now that spring is upon us, there is plenty of spring cleaning to take care of and as more people around the globe practice social distancing, it is the perfect time to stay home and catch up on some new games or other classics you may have missed out on.
As our Spring Sale is underway, offering over 2,500 deals, there is plenty to celebrate now, like the return of Darklands and Slave Zero to our catalog, under a new digital publisher. We also thought it would be the perfect time to introduce you to a handful of other classic games that are now available on GOG.COM thanks to Ziggurat Interactive. You can check them out below!


In NAM, you play as Alan 'The Bear' Westmoreland, a Marine Corps sergeant. Your mission is simple - survive through 34 single and multiplayer levels. There’s even 8-person PVP if you are looking to frag out with friends.
If first-person, militaristic style games are your style and you are a fan of classic titles like DOOM II and Duke Nukem 3D, this is one that is definitely worth checking out.

Elite Warriors Vietnam

Here’s another militaristic shooter that takes place in Vietnam, but instead of first-person, Elite Warriors Vietnam is a third-person shooter released in 2005.
Your mission is to infiltrate Laos and help out any way you can. Explore lush environments and handle squad management tasks as you train and put together the best teams for the jobs ahead - including rescuing pilots, capturing soldiers, and more.

Line of Sight Vietnam

Starting to notice a bit of a theme here? Also taking place in Vietnam during the war, Line of Sight Vietnam is a shooter that lets you play in both first-person and third-person, so regardless of your preference, you’re good to go.
Covering 12 single-player missions, you play as Pvt. Chris Egan, a US Army sniper. You’re tasked with removing a variety of enemies, sometimes alone, sometimes with an NPC squadmate that you can give orders to. In addition to giving orders, you can also play from their perspective during the missions to add even more ways to play.

Deadly Dozen

The first non-Vietnam game on our list, Deadly Dozen is a first-person shooter that takes place during World War II. You control a squad of 12, as you tear your way through German-occupied territories and other landmark locations from WW II.
If you like hand-crafting teams for a variety of missions, Deadly Dozens is the perfect title for that. With each mission, you’ll get a briefing, and from there decide which members of your squad are best suited for the mission at hand.
Also, if Deadly Dozen, Line of Sight Vietnam, and Elite Warriors Vietnam seem like something you are interested in, you can snag all three with a special series discount.

Fields of Glory

Fields of Glory is a bit different than the other titles on this list, but if you love realistic military strategy games, this is one worth checking out.
Unlike the other shooters on the list, Fields of Glory is a pure real-time strategy game. It highlights four of the historical battles of Napoleon's Waterloo campaign, as well as two additional battles. This game prides itself on its accuracy, so if you are a history buff, this is definitely one worth looking at.
Well, there you have it. Five new titles that are available on GOG.COM from Ziggurat Interactive. If you are looking for something militaristic, any of these titles are great choices to dive into.
And don’t forget to do some of that spring cleaning between matches!
What do you think? Interested in any of these games? Let us know in the comments below!