Another cosplay tutorial is coming your way – this time from Wiktoria

Now that you know how to prepare a horned headband thanks to Ela, it’s time to uncover another behind-the-scenes cosplay secret. Today, Wiktoria, our friend from GOG’s Customer Support department, will show you how to prepare realistic elf ears.
Wiktoria is a newcomer to cosplay, yet as you can see from the picture below, she’s very talented! Let’s check out what she has to say about this fascinating art.
What got you into cosplay in the first place?
If I could, I would wear armor, capes, and robes on a daily basis (not sure about carrying around a chainsword though…). Seeing so many great character designs, I’ve always wanted to be one myself, so one day I thought – let's try it out.
What is your favorite gaming cosplay you've done so far?
Since I’m just a beginner, I’ve only done one foam costume, which is Sylvanas Windrunner from World of Warcraft. I’m already working on a second project, however, which is Sister of Battle from Warhammer.
What brings you the most joy in cosplaying?
Even though I’ve just begun my journey with cosplay, it makes me feel at home. Games to me are something more than just a form of entertainment (I collect big boxes, what else could I do!), so being able to transform into one of the characters feels great. Crafting itself is really fun, as you never know what items will come in handy… for instance, for the chest piece, I used melons to form cups.
Please share with us a short step by step cosplay tutorial
This is a very cheap and easy tutorial for elf ears. I guess if you painted them green, they could work as goblin ears as well! To make them, you’ll need to:
1. Cut out the shape you want from thin cardboard. It could be anything! An old cereal box or that one leftover party hat because you don’t have that many friends... at least, that’s what I used.
2. Glue it onto aluminum foil, you probably have a roll in the kitchen.
3. Roll the edges to make the shape and cover the whole thing in masking tape.
4. Mix some glue with a bit of water and brush it onto bits of toilet paper (they stick quite well) to cover the tape lines. Dry it with a hairdryer.
5. Paint it however you want! I used Warhammer paints that I normally use for minis, but any paint would do, really. Once finished, pop them on and be the baddest fairy out there!
It wouldn't be a GOG interview if we didn't ask you about your favorite games! Since it's Halloween season, please tell us what's your favorite spooky game!
I’m a big fan of PS and PS2 Japanese horror titles like Clock Tower, Rule of Rose, Haunting Ground, and Silent Hill. I have a soft spot for indie and RPG maker horrors, as well. I can also recommend The Beast Inside, which came as a welcome surprise.
So, there you have it! Take a shot at creating great cosplay with Wiktoria’s tips and, of course, discover more scary costume inspirations thanks to the Halloween Sale on GOG.COM!