7 classic war games that faithfully simulate a real-life battlefield

Fasten your seatbelts and get ready to soar through the sky or steamroll your way through the battlefield with your ever-reliable tank! These 7 unique war games will satisfy even the most hardcore simulation fans.
Even with different conflicts, new machines of war, and varying technologies, the challenge for gamers remains the same - win against all odds. Today on GOG.COM, we welcome 7 retro war games that have been brought back from the past under the logo of video game publisher, Retroism.


This is the third part of the award-winning simulation game series created by MicroProse. In Gunship!, you become an assault helicopter pilot during the fictional conflict between Russian forces and the NATO army. Gunship! combines action and realism, while also providing players with micromanagement options in the form of customizing your gunship to fit your style of play.

Fleet Defender: The F-14 Tomcat Simulation

As the game’s developers stated in 1994, this title was the first flight simulator to accurately recreate carrier-based operations. Fleet Defender: The F-14 Tomcat Simulation gives you the chance to hop in the cockpit of the screaming sonic-speed fighter aircraft. Experience the excitement of a catapult launch from the carrier, dynamic air-to-air combat, and the challenge of landing on a pitching deck at sea.

F-19 Stealth Fighter

A simulator for all retro-gaming lovers, F-19 Stealth Fighter was in many ways ahead of its time. For example, during missions, the perspective of the camera could change depending on your assigned character. Moreover, the game showers you with over a hundred missions set across the globe - from the deserts of Libya to the arctic North Cape.

1942: The Pacific Air War

This time, we travel a little further back in time to become a pilot during WWII. 1942: The Pacific Air War lets you sit behind the cockpit of one of 10 available planes from both Japanese and US air forces. Using the planes available, you can try to either cement historical events or attempt to alter them. A great game for all history buffs.

Command HQ

From legendary designer Dan Bunten, the creator behind such classic strategy titles like M.U.L.E. and The Seven Cities of Gold, Command HQ gives you complex control over a country during the global war - countries from both the past and future. But trigger-happy gamers must watch out - as the technology in the campaign progresses, the risk of a devastating nuclear war becomes more and more real.

Across the Rhine

Another WWII game, this time set in Europe, Across the Rhine, is a strategy game that gives you the chance to witness the war from the nerve-wracking perspective of a tank commander. Take complete operational control of a single-tank platoon and climb your way to the top, eventually taking command over an entire American or German battalion.

Shadow Ops: Red Mercury

We finish our list with an all-out FPS title, Shadow Ops: Red Mercury. This time, your enemies are terrorists who wish to destabilize the world’s political and economic stage. In order to stop them, our hero, a member of an elite anti-terrorist group, must set off on a string of stealth and assault missions across the globe.
So, what will be your role - a pilot, a commander, or a special forces soldier? Check out our retro war games sale and let us know in the comments what was your choice!