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deathknight1728: Just purchased 6 and 7-is there a reason to play in a order. Im only asking in case one is too archaic/ridiculously hard to get through with combat/whatnot. Ive played party-based games like this (Legacy) and wasn't too hard but every game is different. Legacy was first person/party based rpg with similar graphics so thats really my only comparison between games.

Edit-by the way thanks for all the help you guys gave. Its your speedy and quick/helpful replies that made me feel like Im reading through this on game banshee :)
You can import your party from 6 all the way to 8. There's also an item that you can get in 6 that you can give to someone in 8, if you hold on to it :D. I am avoiding spoilers, in case you wanted you wanted to know.