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Hi all,

We have uploaded the latest version of Valdis Story: Abyssal City. This update brings 2 new playable characters as well as a Mac version of the game. Please visit your account to grab the new installer for your chosen platform.

Update v1.0.0.23 contains some optimization improvements, bug fixes, and a lot of new content:


Some broken texture issues resolved.
Various typos.
Holy wisp was improperly blocking Black Blessing and Holy Order.
Punch/Kick bonuses not being applied properly when Reina has Dark Totem equipped.
Bug where poison affliction would miss some damage ticks on enemies.
Various player skill bugs.
Collision detection on pressure switches.
Clock improperly counting down at equip screen during Goibniu mode.


Vladyn and Gilda are now playable after completing the game once on any difficulty.
Millinery is open for business.
New Adventurer vendor in Tagrum/Hrukk/Ishk.
New Accessory [Treasure Hunter’s Gimcrack].
Upgrade for [Mana Key Stone].
New item type [Elixir] can now be attained. (Adventurer Vendor)
New vendor in Hrukk, Claudia’s Workshop.
Various new treasure chests in some areas.
Four new bosses.
New Zone “Tainted Laboratory”.
New Zone “Hall of the Fallen”.
Now 16 total save slots.
New Crew Member Daemahn.
New Achievements.


Teachings of Lifeblade changed to a passive Key Item.
Increased cold damage from frozen areas on Veteran difficulty and Higher.
How much mana cost scales with Soul level for most spells.
[Angel Sapphire] added to Angel Soldier loot table.
[Demon Ruby] added to Assassin loot table.
Expanded some of the smaller zones.
Multiple changes for Azudor/Dhistahn mine battle and rewards.
Slightly increased Luck required to level up [Fate Roulette].
Increased Corruptions Armor/Resist reduction from 15% to 20%.
All damage for player [Fire] magic spells reduced by 30%
[Burn] affliction can now stack up to 5x.
Reduced [Stun] affliction duration, increased damage taken while stunned.
Various Armor/Resist changes to some enemies.
Updated multiple enemy variants.
Various map changes in Temple zone.
Some passages in the Prison zone modified to account for new zones.
How often Feral Sirens will shield themselves.
Size of [Hurricane Rage] focus finisher now scales with [Int].
[Volt Aura] Duration shortened and attack trigger changed.
[Volt Aura] can block Lightning traps and static affliction.
[Bolt Jump] spell replaced with new [Bolt Shackle] spell.
[Warp Blade] Critical hits will summon a void magic warp blade to strike your target.
Increased Mp cost of [Divine Decoy].
Circumstances under which Zealots will use their Burst counter attack.
Poison trap when using bow and dagger now has 100% chance to cause affliction.
Various tweaks to some bosses behaviors.
True Anemone’s crystals now only recover her shields.
Brizhal attack animation and behavior for better accuracy and range.
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tsanan: I'm confused, there is neither a patch nor a change to the installer as far as I can tell. What am I missing?
There are brand new installers for both Win and Mac version of the game. Sorry if this wasn't clear in my first post!
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