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Ads2011: Anyone heard when the patch will be available on GOG?
drealmer7: it's here!

I'm getting a "some erros occured" message. Hrrrm ):

QA fail? bug in the bug fixes?
Please write us a Support ticket if uninstalling, reinstalling (please keep your saves, though!), and patching the game does not fix those errors :)
Martek: Are the updated versions compatible with old-version saves?

Per the game's splash screen, I'm running 'Version:'.

I know I will replay/start-over at some point (and will postpone patching until then if need be); but for now I'm content to keep playing my initial game and character (L13 atm). At the same time, some of the things in the patch notes I would like to apply (such as the save-game memory leaks - which for myself have caused the 'zone errors' until I restart the game.., etc.)

BTW - excellent game! Love it so far :)
I haven't heard anything from Styg regarding the saves not working when updating the game. That said, it would be a wise idea to back up your saves before updating the game :)