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Miljac: I have problems running this game with wine. But I am total newbie regarding wine, so, it's not really saying much.

I installed the game fine, and startup screen shows fine (the one with options). But after hitting play and selecting any level of detail, the game crashes. It looks like it initializes screen, but after that Lithtech.exe crashes.

I am using Linux Mint 17.2 and I have tried it with wine 1.8 and 2.0-rc2.

Here is my console output if someone can help me fix it:
Your console output indicates you've hit bug 22616 in Wine. Might want to add your report to the bug I linked :)
schmatzler: If you get the msvcirt.dll error, you need to get msvcirt.dll (version 5) from somewhere on the web and copy it into the game directory.

This is supposedly fixed in Wine 2.0, so you can probably avoid that by updating wine.
winetricks vcrun6 will work around that problem for now and no, it's not fixed in Wine 2.0 :) See a few posts up in this thread for the backtrace that shows this problem exists in Wine 2.0-rc2 :)