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SongWukong: I just noticed the updates for Tangledeep. I downloaded the game again, to see if I could take advantage of whatever new content was added, and oddly enough I seem to be getting an error. I was under the impression this was the game, not a patch or an add-on.

Anyway, I've attached a png, and that's really all I'm getting when I try to download the game again.

Where do you have the game installed or where are you installing the game?
SongWukong: I originally downloaded it to my Music files, directly on the computer, then transferred that folder to a "Briefcase" folder within an external hard drive. My logic being that I could take it with me if I went on vacation to some motel conveniently located in a desert oasis. I copied the folder, put it back in the Music file, then tried to download again in that same folder. I assumed it was acting as an "update" given the nature of the Error.

I'm afraid to uninstall because I'd hate to just up and lose the game...

LONG explanation aside, I've installed it on the computer, in the Music Documents. Image attached.

I'll try cutting it from the external, put it back into the Music Document, then DL in that exact folder instead..maybe.
You may want to consider using a regular folder like C:\Tangledeep or something of the sort as Windows 10 is rather finicky when it comes to read/write permissions from my experience :)
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