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xixas: Build b.100c (Mac)

I just noticed on Budoka that if I manually assign Fist to the off-hand slot when the off-hand is empty and then switch to a two-handed weapon, I retain the secondary off-hand attack capability (with 50% accuracy).

Tested on two handed swords (see screenshot) and on bows (when in melee range).

After saving and exiting with that configuration, though, I don't seem to be able to reload the save. It just hangs on the "Now Loading..." screen.


Side Note: I discovered this bug while attempting to reproduce another bug—on another multi-classed Budoka build, the Sneak Attack support ability icon never appears in play (even when I re-enabled it) and also never triggers. Still haven't figured out what's broken there (Floramancer->Brigand->Budoka) (Sneak Attack + Floraconda + Fists).

Is this still an issue in version b101?