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DF1871: After the fight againat the many i ended up in some kind of virtuell reality, i collected 3 Logs, jumed down 1 shaft..found a 4. Log, jumed down a 2. shaft...had a small sonversation with Shodan...then..nothing.

I used incarnationgrenades to light my surroundings and it seems i'm trapped in a small room without any way out.

I checked several Guides/Walkthroughs then but they are all vage about the last fight...writing thinks like jump down, find the final room, hack the consoles, use violence...and win^^

Soo..did i make a mistake or is it a bug?
I am not sure about the German version as I can't speak German, but are you using any mods to remove the censorship from the game? I am not sure if that will cause any problems with the game later on.