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tennesseegene: Ok so pretty much the subject bar asked my whole question, but I am gonna get more specific here. I had this game until about 2 years back and could not run it at all. I broke up with long time gf while overseas and come back and half o me stuff is gone, this and a lot of other memorable stuff included. I want to know if I buy from GOG how do I run the game...would love to do the old grind again especially as I never finished it. all the way since 98 to now me understand if it is trial and error or a patch or what is going on.

Sorry for any confusion on the double post...I am at work and this computer clicks on stuf its self I swear...
Hi and welcome!

Usually all it takes is a double-click and the game gets all set up and ready for you. Just make sure to turn off UAC (User Account Control) for some of the older ones :D