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korell: If you think this needs changing then you need to raise this with GOG support and if they agree (or you provide evidence proving that it needs to be changed) then they may then release a new installer version with a new profile set at a 30 FPS limit.
...and the moment we do that, we'll get people complaining that the game is locked at 30 and should be 60 FPS instead. ;)
Profile changes are easy to do and I'd think that it would be better to leave 30/60 FPS decision to users themselves.
korell: I only half agree here. Old games often used hardware timers for physics and such (just look at Interstate '76) and so really, to keep them running as intended, the framerate should be limited to what the game was designed for.

Any thoughts about providing an Nvidia profile for I76, by the way - the profile with SotE was the first time I've seen you do this, and it's a great idea.

With Shadows of the Empire, though, I've not noticed any issues with 60 FPS yet, but I've not played at 30 FPS to compare, so I can't say what the correct framerate should be for the game.
I think we already locked I76 down to 15-20FPS long time ago (not through profiles though)
SOTE isn't the first game with NVidia profile, Ultima iX has one and Fallout Tactics might have one as well.

As for 30FPS lock for Shadows - our QA completed the game at 60FPS and I'm reluctant to limit it further based on a few forum posts. Mind you, with enough proof that the game is still too fast for majority of users, this can of course change. :)
haydenaurion: Managed to make it to the speeder level and now the game IS unplayable at this frame rate. Gog needs to provide an optional 30 fps version.
I managed to finish it at 60FPS.
haydenaurion: Uh, how do we change it ourselves?
launch Profile Inspector found in <Shadows_folder>\NVI\
in drop down menu with profile names find 'Shadows of the Empire'
under '2 - Sync and Refresh' there is a Frame Limiter setting - change it to desired value and hit 'Apply'
nvi.jpg (172 Kb)
korell: Just a thought, what would non-nvidia users need to do? Does Catalyst have a similar setting/profiles or would they need to use a third party application to limit the framerate? I ask not for myself, as I've been an nvidia user for many years now, but for other players as this information would be useful here in this one thread.
Catalyst doesn't have it, which is a source of problems for a long time now.
There are some third-party tools like FPS Limiter but I don't think we can add them at the moment.
sndwv: Should that be 29.5 or 30.5 for 30 FPS? I have vsync always on and the monitor at 59.7Hz.
Shouldn't make that much difference. Start with the first one and see if game speed is to your liking.
korell: On a side note, I don't think the whole Luke Skywalker on a swoop bike looked right. I just can't imagine him riding a swoop bike.
but he could ride a speeder in the first movie? :p