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Tuskin38: Do USB Joysticks work fine on this version? They don't on my CD Copy.
Hi! Yes, a USB joystick should be working fine :)
benwol94: I'm having a similar issue with my Sidewinder USB. When I try to calibrate using the in game option, I'm never prompted to calibrate the lower right-hand corner.
Rhystic_One: Can't play the game with my X360 controller...ship keeps spinning to one side. I tried recalibrating but it's no use. Any suggestions?
There is a problem mentioned by benwol94 that the game skips the bottom right-hand corner during the calibration. In the fresh installation of the game the defaults in the config file provided by us work on most of the joysticks, so there is no need for recalibration. My advice is to reinstall the game and go with the defaults, do not recalibrate your controllers.
benwol94: Thanks so much! That did the trick. I also tried the keyboard emulation, which actually didn't work too badly, given that the motion controls for the game are fairly simple.
That's fantastic. I wish you much success in your missions!