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Scattersweithe: Anyone got the password for the _supersecret.rar file in the game directory?

It's 773 MB in size and probably contains artworks, videos and more like the super_secret.rar file in Amnesia.
You should be able to find it via playing the game, if I am not mistaken :D
fronzelneekburm: Spoil away! I figured the game would tell you the password at the end, but it didn't. Instead you're supposed to pick up hidden clues throughout the game. Too bad the game overwrites your older savegames and backtracking is impossible.

Not gonna play this again any time soon, so do share the password please! If you want to find it out for yourself, no one's twisting your arm into opening a thread named "Password for _supersecret.rar file".
If someone does do this I would like to humbly request that they post it in ROT13 :)