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Darucas: I've got the same crash with the K-Lite codec pack installed. As expected, Silver is in the exception lists (for video and audio) but it still crashes. Moving the videos elsewhere works though, thanks!
This is a codec issue. I had the same problem and fixed it by reinstalling K-Lite Codec Pack, selecting ffdshow where possible.

IIRC "Other video formats" was critical. "prefer LAV over ffdshow" crashed the game, while "prefer ffdshow over LAV" was OK.
Simbabluenobi: snip
If the intro plays (first the Infogrames logo, then another video), then codecs are OK, and this is a next issue. I guess your crash happens when the game tries to render the main menu. What video card and driver version do you have?
piduca: snip
It might be a problem with notebook integrated video card.
What video card do you have?