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Hi all,

We've updated the installers (yes, a tar.gz is an archive, we know, it's just easier to refer to it as an installer for now :) ) for all three platforms. Please download the installer for your OS in order to get the latest and greatest version of the game :)


Patch 2015-03-26

1 - Resolution crashed fixed
2 - Wolf follow bug fixed
3 - Collectibles menu now shows how many collectibles are left on the current level
4 - Various language updates
5 - Some animals have rare skins
6 - Some had problems with achievement not unlocking, fixed now
7 - Minor bug fixes

Performance Patch Hotfix

1 - Cubs will not starve when loading an old save file
2 - vSync button actually works
3 - Cubs don't starve anymore when in pause
4 - Various bug fixes

Performance Patch

1 - Better frame times
2 - Option to give birth instantly when creating more families (skip intro)
3 - Option to press escape to skip credits if it’s not the first lynx in the family line
4 - Fixed cubs walking under the ground near shorelines
5 - Optimized AI
6 - Fewer hares
7 - More fish (decorative)
8 - Achievements
9 - Sprint framedrop solved (happened on some Linux rigs)
10 - Linux keybind issue solved
11 - Localization to a few more languages
12 - Automatic menu support for controllers
13 - More resolutions
14 - Option in graphics settings to enable/disable vSync
15 - Various smaller bug fixes
16 - Collectibles and map will now stay even when creating new family line

Thanks and have a nice day :)
JudasIscariot: snip
IAmSinistar: Quick question - the Shelter 2 pre-order was supposed to include "an exclusive skin". Is this part of the base game now? I don't have any kind of add-on content except the soundtrack.
I am not sure about all the details about that offhand but I'll see what I can find out :)
JudasIscariot: Hi all,
Headbiter: Posting this here, since apparently I need rep before asking a question on my own.

So I just saw the Shelter-series being on sale and gog, as usual, offers to buy the entire series in a bundle.

However I noticed that it apparently offers Shelter 2 twice: The basic game and the Special Edition:

Now I'm aware that with some games gog offers the upgrade to a special edition seperately but this doesn't seem to be the case here, especially since the Special Edition costs more than the base game.

So I was wondering whether I was missing something here or whether this is a glitch of the site, trying to sell me the same game twice.

Thanks in advance
I'll have to ask about this but it may take time since it's almost midnight on a Friday night and sales are not something I know all that well myself :)