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JesperU: And yet again Steam users gets the good stuff way before us.
The update is live, btw. Sorry for the couple hours of delay but we got a last-minute update that set everything back a bit.
JudasIscariot: The update is live, btw. Sorry for the couple hours of delay but we got a last-minute update that set everything back a bit.
JesperU: Yes. I'm downloading it now. All 13 GiBs, again.
Hmmm, it shows 5 GB here at home. Can you restart Galaxy and see if the number changes?
dcarpenter85: Downloading the entire game again for one patch. This is getting really old, especially since the Galaxy client offers no way to throttle bandwidth. The entire internet connection becomes basically unusable when Galaxy is downloading anything.
What version of the game were you on before you started downloading?

Also, may I ask as to how you start the download process? Do you let the game update naturally or are you running a "Verify & repair" check?

Basically, if we could get some steps to reproduce from those of you who get the 13 GB download issue, it would help to narrow this issue down..
Post edited December 22, 2016 by JudasIscariot
V3nom: I don't know if this has anything to do with the christmas patch, but I'm back to the game for a little while, I was at the first encounter of this "demon women old friend" right behind the vortex teleporter, planning to search for the body of Kamiko. I finished to talk, exit from this location by the "vortex", and saw the "winter quest" on the map.
I go and finished it, and since it's like I can't turn back to the main mission. No objective available nowhere, nobody to talk, no more vortex, and only my old quests where I can go back for fun shown on the map...

I'm stuck in the story without any option to continue. :(

I also did the 2 first missions of the wang path, completed them (unlocking the first anvil tool), and the others remains unavailable. Am I missing something ?

edit : ok I took a precedent save, and the vortex returns, and stood. I just lost the last weapon I loot but... I'll retrieve it later I guess...

edit 2 : ok since this rollback, the game keeps crashing during fights. Not every times, but it crashed 4 times in less than 1 hour now. (It never crashed before)
And I think it's crashing everytime I fight a large pack of mobs with the blizzard blades. (which I enhanced with 2 more frost gem)
Does version continue to crash for you?