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For some reason when I run Second Sight I get really low FPS which seems to be absolutely fixed at a certain figure. I've been watching it in FRAPS, and I've seen it stick at 22 and 32 before, but now when I run it it always stays at 16 FPS no matter what I'm doing. I've tried using the nvidia control panel to force v-sync on to try and fix it at 60 FPS, but that doesn't work either. What's weird is that I can force on anti-aliasing just fine, and that works, but v-sync doesn't come on.
I'm not sure what specs are relevant since my computer should easily be able to handle this. I think the possible culprit might be my OS, but here are limited specs. If there's anything else relevant let me know.
Vista x64 SP1
Core 2 Quad Q9550
4GB ram
nVidia GTX 260 in PCI-Express and 6200 in PCI (running multiple monitors)
driver version 178.08
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