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Saradas: Yep it was a wonderful surprise! This is a very underestimated game. It is true that at a certain point it feels rushed and incomplete, but the gameplay is simply amazing and fun.

The only few things I don't like:

- Impossibility to set a "always run" option
- The natural regen of mana is a joke, it's like 1 point every 1 REAL time minute. I modded this to be 1 point every 5 seconds...seems reasonable and absolutely not game breaking, since it hardly make any difference during combat.
- The movements can be very annoying sometimes
- Frustrating enemy respawn during difficult dungeon

Enjoy this little gem!
Thank you so much :)

While I agree with some of what you said, I actually kinda liked the fact that you couldn't always run. Sometimes it was necessary to manage your stamina/fatigue (whatever it was) by stopping :)