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thereaverofdarkn: The game runs pretty good but the screen is slightly down from center, so there's a thin black bar at the top and some text gets cut off at the bottom. How do I fix this?
Can you send a screenshot please?
thereaverofdarkn: [imgur] /a/5s7dg#0
(I can't post any links, and I can't upload the images for they are too big)

The first image is a direct screenshot and shows how the game screen should look. The second image I adjusted in paint to show approximately what I'm actually seeing. While making screenshots I discovered another bug: the hotbar sometimes does not load on startup. Note that in the first two images there is no hotbar. The third image is the same scene but with the hotbar.

I saw the hotbar available when I loaded my game directly from the menu, but it was gone when I started a new game first and then loaded my game. It was also gone earlier when I had played from the beginning and made no reloads, but now when I start a new game it is showing even though it disappears as soon as I load a game.
You could try messing around with either your screen settings or the game launcher. I recommend tinkering with the screen settings, preferably through the graphic drivers manager of your choice (like Catalyst).

About the hotbar - I did have this issue as well, but it was too random for me to reliably reproduce it. Sorry :(
thereaverofdarkn: Well incidentally I can reliably make my hotbar appear which solves two problems: my hotbar being gone and the text disappearing. So I don't really need to change anything now.
Good to hear then! I must have missed something somewhere.