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Greywolf1: When you think the installation is finished, the real pain starts: .NET4. A new installer window pops up asking me whether I want to repair or remove .NET4. It's installed on my PC and doesn't require repairing. I would like to remove it, but then I guess Reus would complain it's not there. So the true answer would be neither, just move on, but that's not possible. So I choose repair, and that takes ages (I assume it's replacing the existing installation with itself). And at the end I'm supposed to reboot my PC, while at the same time the GOG installer offers me to launch the game. What a mess!
Could someone get the developers and GOG together to simplify the installation procedure?
Or is there a shortcut for me available?
If you already have .NET4 you can just cancel the installation of NET4 and the installer will move on unless I am missing something.
Post edited December 07, 2013 by JudasIscariot