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Sachys: Figured I may as well plop down a thread for this. You can find me in there and transfer me into your prison for punishment (no doubt some of you have wanted that for some time).

Anybody else with their name in the game - please share (including name if different - mines easy to find).
Found you! :P

OK, I just entered my name and bio. Judas "The Banhammer" Iscariot.
Post edited October 08, 2015 by JudasIscariot
tinyE: Hey Judas, I can wait all day and all week no problem, but can you at least confirm if we are ever going to get the Prison update? It's cool if it's not right away just so long as I know it's coming eventually.

SHIT! Reply didn't work! I hate technology! :P That's why I never use automation in my prison; if my guards are too lazy to open a cell door then let them go work as security at Dennys!
The latest update should be live by now :)
JudasIscariot: Judas "The Banhammer" Iscariot.
Sachys: You aren't listed under that name - did you change it?!

Found tinyE and Starmaker though!
No, I did not.
JudasIscariot: No, I did not.
Sachys: Did you get an "approved" email yet?! - you're definately not there.
Only two things that came up searching "iscariot" or "banhammer" are attached (also checked manually).
Not sure but I don't think I got one, no.