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jsaiko: Hi!

I'm using Manjaro. Upon first installation game worked just fine (even in full screen), but after a reboot I have just black screen when I launch it.

Anyone has this problem? How to I fix it?
Hello jsaiko!

Please open the game configuration file: $HOME/.config/unity3d/PinoklGames/PartyHardGame/prefs, then change game window width & height to your desired values (e.g. 1280x720) and set fullscreen value to 0 to make the game run in windowed mode.

If that won't help, feel free to contact our customer support: Remember to attach your system report (it can be generated using the script you will find in the game installation path) and game logs ($HOME/.config/unity3d/PinoklGames/PartyHardGame/Player.log) to your support ticket.

Sorry for the late response :)