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Justplaingodly: I downloaded the Xwis server and I am able to log onto the server. So far I've only seen one game via Nyancats. Whenever I try to join his game it says their is an error, I have corrupt files. And I should reinstall Nox. Does anyone have any answers to this. I'd sure love to play this online once again.

I've also tried gamesranger in which I can log onto the server but no games. I'll have to wait till I can find a game before confirming this.

In both servers however I'm able to host no ones joined though. I know this game doesn't have too many players anymore but I'd like to try and figure out how i can play with the dedicated fans.
If the Nyancats game is using an actual retail copy of the game please keep in mind that the GOG version and the retail version will not be able to play with each other, unfortunately :(