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pneum0re: I believe the game was updated from version 1.01 to version 1.02 today, but I could be wrong.
After I found some typos and some smaller bugs yesterday I was looking for the changelog of the updates on and in the game but could'nt find anything.

The game is great in my oppinion and I would just like to know if there have been fixes for some of the UI problems.
Thanks in advance.
If you find any bugs or typos you can submit and keep track of them directly on the developers' Trello board here: I've submitted a bug and a typo and they should be fixed in the next release :)

As for the changelog, if you're not using Galaxy, you can visit your account, open up Need to Know in your account, click on the "More" section and that will show you a dropdown menu. Select "Changelog" from the dropdown menu and you will see all of the game's available changelogs.

If you're using Galaxy, just click on the version number and you will get a pop up window with the changelog.