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tinyE: Love the genre and the idea and all the forum talk about this game but before I buy it I'm a little concerned about being able to run it so...
Indy games are always a little hard to tell as far as specs go so I'm asking rather than looking at numbers (which I usually read wrong anyway). It's listed at 2012 release but was started in 2001; my pc runs pretty much anything up to 2007 pretty well minus some of the more intense FPS/RPG games out there. Of course I can run games like Torchlight 1 and 2 really well and other "new indies" like HotLine Miami. Sorry to be so long winded but the game is 14 USD which while not an exorbidant amount, warrents my checking on the specs.

The 2001 and the 2012 versions of the game are two entirely different beasts.

If you could tell me at least what kind of a video card you have, I could make a guesstimation, a wide one at that :D, as to whether you'd be able to run the game.

I'll tell you this, the game does require some specific shaders as I could not play it on my netbook with an Intel card due to the graphics not showing up properly. The game ran but I couldn't see the main character, amongst a few other things.