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MadHattie: First off, this game is adorable but I found a few errors already.

The animation of the father sleeping results in the ZZZZzzzzz coming from the bottom of the bed.

Waking up for the main character results in a sideways, floating in midair appearance.

My dog went missing for a few days, he got stuck on the road and did not move even after petting and feeding him an apple.

Also, the Blacksmithing mini game is still broken.

First step, pressing mouse results in the whole thing going away. It's also strange how it's a sword, I was making a sickle.

Second step - Same

Third step - I am able to pound on the circles of the blade however it fails and I lose all the Ore I had collected to make the sickle.
Please check if version 8th Nov solves any of the issues you've listed :)
endema: Hi. First I have to say thank you for working at the fable series. They were one of my favourite game series.

Now to my problem: I have when i start the game a white screen and i don´t know how to fix it. I can hear the music but the screen stays white.

It would be great if there is a solution about that.
Can you check if version helps with this issue?
JudasIscariot: Can you check if version helps with this issue?
endema: This is the version I Have and it´s not working.
Did version change anything in this regard?