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Toothface: When booting the game my screen flicker non-stop until I quit the game. The only times it does not flicker is when a mission is loading. The flickering is pretty severe too. If I was subject to epileptic seizures I would be in trouble.
Perhaps it's a resolution issue? I don't know how to change the game resolution to 1920x1080 though.

The game seem to run just fine in any other regard.
Silly suggestion but try updating your drivers if you're using an AMD card. If that doesn't work write to us, please and send in that DxDiag as well :D
krisdw: Thanks for your reply but apparently I fixed it!

It was very simple, I just opened the config program for the game and switched resolution to 800x600... and now I can play perfectly!

Is it possible to play this game 1v1 with TCP/IP?
And can this forum be used to find players to play against?
Yes, it's possible to play 1v1. You just have to decide who's going to host. Once that's decided, all you have to do is find out your proper IP address, have a friend join in, and you should be good to go :D

Feel free to use the forum to find people to play with, we're not going to stop you :D