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General_91: I just downloaded KKnD 2, and decided to try out a skirmish game against the AI. Immediately, I noticed the game lags and stutters pretty bad. This also occurs in the campaign, and the lag occurs every time I try to play a game. Scrolling around the map, actual gameplay, and even the mouse cursor lags. When battles come up, the game really starts to lag pretty bad. The game is just unplayable for me. Does anyone know how to fix this?
Have you ran the config tool that comes with the game? It's located in your Start menu for the game. Also, how are you booting up the game?
General_91: I did run the config tool but it doesn't seem too useful, it's just for resolution and map screen size. I left the settings at default. I first booted up the game using the shortcut provided after the install. The I tried with the other exe file in the install folder, so I still get really bad lag no matter how I boot up the game.
Please write to us and send in your DxDiag file so we can get to the bottom of this problem. Thanks :D.