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After numerous downloads (5 precisely; 4 "normal" 1 with downloader) all I get is a corrupted "setup_kings_bounty-2.bin" file.
I'm on windows 7.
Any ideas?
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Hi guys! Sorry for not being able to respond sooner, that was a long weekend :)
We are currently investigating the issue and from what I can see now, it should be fixed by this time tomorrow.
Thank You for Your patience!
Grombart: EDIT: HUZZAH! Seems to work! It passed the integrity check and is installing now! HOORAY! :D

yup, as promised, its fixed now! :)
The "setup_kings_bounty-2.bin" file was corrupted so You don't have to download again the entire game, this file alone should do.
We are terribly sorry for this. It won't happen again!
Aviadmd: Don't let it happen again, or else...

one of my favourite scenes from FG, it's very....motivating :)
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