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- did you run the game as administrator ?
- do you have any additional applications running in the background?
jack2ofalltrades: I tried installing it in a different directory but it still doesn't run
It will be easier if we knew your PC configuration. Could you open Support ticket with DxDiag attached?
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IamBert: Same problem as the people above, all I get is a resizing of my desktop then nothing, and ending the KoDP process on Task Manager brings it all back to normal again.

Tried putting it in a different directory, have nothing else running, rebooted, all the compatibility settings, still not going.
Please follow the link above. We haven't run into such problems, so it will be helpful to see if there is anything in common between your PCs.
viller: Hello, just bought this but were not able to play it. It just resizes my screen resolution and closes down. What to do?
Make sure you kill Chrome in the Task Manager process tab. Chrome is one of the primary culprits that prevents that game from running.
Guriko: I can't get it working either. Does not start on both my computers, win7 desktop and a win8 laptop... Anoying.
Are you running any third-party programs like phone suite programs, mouse utility apps, Chrome (yes, Chrome does block some older games from working, unfortunately) in the background?

Please take a look through this thread if you haven't already and see if you are running anything similar to what others turned off to get the game to start.
Pollypally: I just purchased this game and have the exact same problem of the window re-sizing, but the game not launching.
Once I force-close the process, the window resolution goes back to normal..

Windows 7 64-bit.
Are you using any third-party programs such as any phone suite programs, Logitech mouse/keyboard programs? It seems the culprits are usually those kind of programs.

Also, if you're running Chrome then please exit completely out of it as that browser will also block the game from starting up.