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rea987: Dear GOG,

I am thankful to you for releasing such classics; it was my dream to have these games again. As you have released DOSBox version of the original game for Linux and Mac, can you please release the sequel for Linux and Mac please? I am totally fine with Wine releases for such old titles. Thank you!

Hi rea987,

It looks like the game runs flawlessly on Linux with Wine. Our users report that as well. So go for it, if you're a fan!

The problem with Wine wrappers is that they take a huge chunk of our QA & fixing time since we need to be sure they are playable & don't introduce bugs at any point in-game.

On Linux, they offer a less-than-perfect user experience, since user needs to install loads of 32 bit dependencies and there's no going around that. And more often than not, they meet, sadly, with poor reception, aka "meh, I could easily just run it with Wine myself".

So feel free to show us your demand for such wrapper, however I can make no promises if we'll be able to supply it, especially since this game is extremely easy to set up using Wine or Wineskin.