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Just as a heads up to those of you on Vista/Win7 (Usually 64-Bit but there have been issues elsewhere..) I-War 2 can suffer from Graphical tearing and glitches that make the game nigh-unplayable on modern systems.
Unfortunately, it seems as though a fix was not found for the GoG release,. (Although the support tip of disabling SLI/Crossfire may help you, you're out of luck if you're running only one GFX card.)
You can find out more information about the problem here:
I was hoping it would be fixed, but as it's not, a few people may end up with a $6 bookend on their game shelf. Feel free to update this if a working fix is found, as I know I'll add whatever information I can find as it comes.
Current Possible Fixes:
Turn down Shader Settings in the graphical options. Some have had luck on anything lower than 'High', some have to go as low as 'Low.' Combine this with disabling 'Starfield Quality' may fix your problem.
Turn off Hardware T&L Lighting.
Both of the above buy me about 5 minutes of playtime before the glitches return, your milage may vary.
Some have reported turning off V-sync as well as Multi-textures on top of doing the above, while others suggest playing at a lower resolution helps.
Others still are perfectly fine on similar systems to those having troubles.
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We have found that changing the resolution before starting a mission seems to fix this problem, at least as far as completing the tutorial, watching a cutscene, playing around with the base UI and flying around a bit afterward.
We'll do some further testing tomorrow, but it looks quite promising. Please look at the following support article and let us know if it helps, or if the problems resurface after playing longer:
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