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Luke2ndSon: Hi I've reached the first boss battle. When the False Knight attacks me with its jump attack, as soon as it reaches the floor after the jump, the character freezes. I was still able to move and attack everything else worked just fine. The only way that I was able to keep playing was by going behind his back and attack him (while I take 2 damages).
Has anyone experienced the same problem?
I'm playing on a 13'' mac book air 2013 model, the OS is Sierra 10.12.6
Hello Luke2ndSon,

This seems like a bug in the game code, that could be a result of incompatibility with your hardware. I recommend contacting the game developer directly. This is the Hollow Knight's website and developer's email and social media links are available on the bottom of the page:

The useful data you could provide for the game developer is the system report:

And also the game log, that will be generated in the following path after playing the game:

Good luck! If you need any more help, let me know or contact our support: