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Unqou: Hi. I tried to install the game (linux installer), and launched it.
I can have access at the main menu, I can click to "New Game", but when I try to start a new game:

- 1) Intro scenes will be played regulary
- 2) At the end of the intro scenes, the screen remains black and the game is completely frozen. No chance to go back, or to play the game. The only thing I can do is to disconnect the power to turn off my PC

OS: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS - 64 bit

Note: I will try to play the windows version of the game through wine and see if it works. But I would like to play the native build, if possible.
Hello, Unqou!

Does your video card meet the game requirements? Could you show me your system report? It can be generated using script that you will find in the game installation path. The log generated by the game could be useful as well, it should be in the following path: $HOME/.config/unity3d/Team Cherry/Hollow Knight/Player.log

If you are not comfortable with posting this information in the forums, alternatively you can contact our support:
Unqou: It can appear stupid, but every time I use support, I have difficulties to remember the route to open a ticket :P

So it is fine for me to post here those files.

1) This is the Player.log created by the game (this link will be valid for a week):

2) This is, instead, the HTML report created by support/ (those links will be valid for a week):

HTTP source version -->
Plain Text version ------->

Sorry for the dpaste links, but I couldn't find a way attach the actual files in this reply
It looks like you don't meet the game requirements - they explicitly mention a NVIDIA video card, while you only have an integrated Intel chipset. The game log you attached confirms that the game needs a higher OpenGL version than your card with its drivers currently support.

To work it around, you could try upgrading your Ubuntu version - 14.04 is a three and a half year old Linux distribution already! Ubuntu 17.10 contains much newer Mesa drivers for your Intel video card that should introduce support of OpenGL in higher version. Upgrading instructions can be found here:

From 14.04 to 16.04:
Then from 16.04 to 17.10:

So, at least 2 or 3 steps of upgrading.

Keep in mind that we cannot guarantee that this solution will fix the issue for you (although I believe it should work) - after all the game lists an NVIDIA card as a requirement.

Also, please be VERY cautious when performing a system upgrade and make sure to BACKUP all of your important data BEFORE you start!