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Rivereyes: Hi,

I posted this on the Steam forums as well but I did not get any reply, so I will also post here :

"I think I'm in the last mission in Scars of Freedom, where Dr. Gorman goes back to the quarry (after Libertee has gone there to wait for him) and when I finish the first part (kill all deserters) and go to investigate the fire, I get the quote "Are you there Libertee?", the game goes into Setup mode and the screen goes black.

Music keeps playing and I hear clicking sounds from menus, but nothing works, really. I even restarted from my last save, but the same thing happens.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated."
Some system specs would be helpful. Does this happen on Windows, Mac, or Linux?

Also, there should be some logs for the game such as output_log.txt or something of the sort in the Hard West folder :)
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