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Our resident cyborg mentioned this thread in the offtopic thread and asked whether I knew of any legitimately free games and the ones that come to mind are the Mech Commander games.

The games offered on are officially freeware so you can download and play them all you like :)

There's also this Microsoft MechCommander 2 Shared Source Release that someone smarter than me can make sense of :)

I didn't see this mentioned in this thread so sorry if I am repeating something :)
Sudden Clarity Keanu? :P
JudasIscariot: Sudden Clarity Keanu? :P
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Worth it! :P
I am not sure if Aleph One was mentioned in the thread but it's a legitimate freeware sourceport of the old Macintosh Marathon FPS games :)
deIIis: В Steam free permanent copy of The Tiny Bang Story! Offer ends Tuesday at 10am Pacific Time.
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