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Our resident cyborg mentioned this thread in the offtopic thread and asked whether I knew of any legitimately free games and the ones that come to mind are the Mech Commander games.

The games offered on http://mechcommander.co.uk/pages/downloads/ are officially freeware so you can download and play them all you like :)

There's also this Microsoft MechCommander 2 Shared Source Release that someone smarter than me can make sense of :)

I didn't see this mentioned in this thread so sorry if I am repeating something :)
Sudden Clarity Keanu? :P
JudasIscariot: Sudden Clarity Keanu? :P
Histant: Bloody villain! There is now coffee on my keyboard! And it got there by the way of my nose! You shall pay for this outrage!
Worth it! :P
I am not sure if Aleph One was mentioned in the thread but it's a legitimate freeware sourceport of the old Macintosh Marathon FPS games :)