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Play an epic RPG featuring Adol, a hero who is cursed and becomes a Monstrum. With his newfound powers, he must stop the Grimwald Nox from consuming the city. Ys IX: Monstrum Nox is now available on GOG.COM!

We have a surprise for all fans of the Ys series. If you purchase Ys IX: Monstrum Nox on GOG.COM until 13th July 2021, 5 PM UTC, you will receive these DLCs free of charge:

• Melodies of the Macabre (OST Sampler)
• Monstrum Memoirs (Digital Mini Art Booklet)

That’s not all – also until 13th July 2021, 5 PM UTC when you buy Digital Deluxe Edition or Digital Ultimate edition you will receive these DLCs as gifts:

• Monstrum Memoirs (Digital Mini Art Booklet)
• Melodies of the Macabre (OST Sampler)
• Chains and Chansons Official Soundtrack
• Nails in the Coffin Digital Art Book, Ys IX Prequel: The Lost Sword Short Novel

The game’s premiere is also a great occasion to take a look back at the previous titles from the series. Until the 13th of July 2021, at 5 PM UTC, selected games from the Ys franchise will be available on GOG.COM with discounts reaching up to 75%.

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Sweet! :)
One last sale on Ys 8 before the price raise! YES! Phew, I thought I screwed up not grabbing it during the Summer Sale.
Been looking forward to this one. Thank you, NISA and GOG. It's the Ultimate Edition for me!
Regional price for Brazil must be wrong. Base game on Steam is R$ 113, here on GOG it's R$ 321??? Can you check please, GOG?
Nice! I need to get into the Ys scene.
Wishlist for now.
Regional pricing on Mexico seems wrong, its cheaper on steam and in gog its full 60 dlls, also seems like the price in ys 8 was raised
low rated
@NISA: Thanks for not treating GOG customers like second-class citizens again by leaving out Achievements for the GOG version of Ys IX, even though you did leave them out with Ys VIII.

Could you please also add Achievements to Ys VIII in order that GOG customers may finally be treated equally to Steam customers with that game?

As it stands now, Ys VIII holds the dubious dishonor of being the only Ys game on GOG that has Achievements on Steam yet not on GOG.

But you could easily fix that injustice though, NISA, by asking Durante to add Galaxy Achievements to Ys VIII. It doesn't matter that it's an old game that was released a long time ago, Galaxy Achievements can still be added to it anyway. Other publishers have done that before with their old games.

Please finally do the right thing in regards to Ys VIII, NISA.
Post edited July 06, 2021 by Ancient-Red-Dragon
Regional pricing is not wrong, NISA removed it for all of their games on GOG a few days ago.
Post edited July 06, 2021 by Kideachi
Can we please finally have a " f... the achievements " achievement in Gog Galaxy ?
Scarlet Nexus is dominating my free time these days but i will obviously buy this right away. Veteran Ys fan :)

Can't way to play this!
Sweet, i only miss this game from the entire Nihon Falcom collection so good time to buy, thanks for releasing here.
Kideachi: Regional pricing is not wrong, NISA removed it for all of their games on GOG a few days ago.
Wow, it seems they did. And yet there's regional pricing on Steam? I can't understand why NISA would do that. GOG is *always* my first choice, but the difference in price is big enough that I'll have to buy the game on Steam. :(
What the heck is that price???
high rated
Thanks for letting us know about the regional pricing, we will look into it!