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Night at the museum.

<span class="bold">The Dagger of Amon Ra</span>, Laura Bow's sophomore adventure as an intrepid journalist/crime-solver, is now available, DRM-free on!

A year after dealing with the Colonel's Bequest, Laura attempts to take a bite out of The Big Apple when assigned a story about the prized Egyptian dagger that just became part of the Leyendecker Museum's collection. Of course, the night of the grand opening will be riddled with bloody murder, shocked aristocrats, and many many clues.
high rated
Baggins: BTW you are way off the mark. Only the second game had speech.

This version includes the CD-speech version, look at the size of the game, just under 300 megabytes. There is a toggle in the game to switch between speech or no speech and/or both IIRC though.
eiii: Now I'm confused...

I'm asking about the second game, The Dagger of Amon Ra, as only that is labeled as "Audio and text: English" on GOG. The first one is labeled as "Text only: English", so I assume it has no voice over.

Can anyone who already has played the GOG version of the second game confirm if it has voice support or not?
The Dagger of Amon Ra has actual speech as it's the CD-ROM version :)
Klumpen0815: I've got Hunter Hunted, 3D Ultra Minigolf, Woodruff and a few other games that still didn't make it to GOG from those mags, hopefully they'll arrive here some day.
F4LL0UT: Haha, I always felt like I was the only one who even knew about Best of Sierra. I actually own all 16 issues, from the one that came with Gabriel Knight and Earthsiege up to the final one that came with King's Quest VIII.

Personally I can't praise Hunter Hunted enough. It may be quirky as heck but it's also one of the most fun and original platform games I've ever played, especially in splitscreen. Hoping very much that it will come here eventually. Not to mention Lode Runner: The Legend Returns which is probably Lode Runner's best incarnation of all time (although apparently there was an improved version titled Lode Runner Online which I've never played).
Erich_Zann: Oh, I'm not arguing with any of that, matters of publishers & ownership not being stuff I'm overly interested with anyway.
It was just the point of the english version not being the original one, but a translation.
F4LL0UT: Ah, sorry, my mistake.

Erich_Zann: Now someone more knowledgeable than me may point out that Tramis, Gilhodes & co in fact wrote the damn thing in english first & the french version is actually a translation, and I'm back under my rock. Haha.
F4LL0UT: Lol, on one hand developers would usually first write their games in their own language back then, then again, few studios were owned by an American powerhouse like Sierra. I'd say your odds are 50:50. :D
JudasIscariot: The Dagger of Amon Ra has actual speech as it's the CD-ROM version :)
F4LL0UT: Awesome! I didn't even know that there was a talkie version of Dagger of Amon Ra. My version, despite being distributed on CD, sadly came without speech. The setup program allowed choosing a device that would be used for voices but I figured that that was just an oversight because the game used the same setup program as many other Sierra titles at the time. It was the same with Freddy Pharkas and only now I see that that game also had a version with voice overs. God dammit, #ruinedchildhood.
Yeah, in case you don't hear speech in the game when you first start it up, open the in-game options and change everything there. The good thing is that you can have both text and speech at the same time.