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The marvels of evolution.

<span class="bold">SPORE&trade;</span>, an organic playground of custom-made creations, is available now, DRM-free on, with a 60% launch discount.

At what stage does a living organism start taking its shape, absorbing influences from its environment, its parents, or its peers? For these SPORE™s it happens during their very conception when you get to decide their characteristics and traits, then see them grow from Cells, to Creatures, to an entire Tribe, to a glorious Civilization, and eventually a Space-faring people. Apart from your virtual offspring themselves, you will also get to design their vehicles and buildings, as well as determine all aspects of their eventful lives. And eventful they will be, because when you start exploring the universe, other species might try to befriend or fight your guys for intergalactic supremacy. It's a wonderful journey that begins with the versatile creation tool, but the decisions you make along the way will determine how, where, or even when it will end.

Create your own unique species and spread their influence across the galaxy with <span class="bold">SPORE&trade;</span>, DRM-free on
The 60% discount will last until September 29, 12:59 PM UTC.
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Impaler26: Hm... isn't SPORE an online game? So is this version fully playable offline?

Also be aware of this notice on the gamecard:

"Important notice: EA Account registration is needed to access the game's online features. Please check here for details. "
It is fully playable offline.
Online content includes optional stuff like uploading your creations to SPORE servers or downloading other players' creations.
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scrambleshanx: What is included in this collection?
The SPORE™ Collection includes:
- SPORE™ Galactic Adventures
- SPORE™ Creepy & Cute Parts Pack
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HertogJan: A quick search based on Impaler's question showed those servers are offline since 2013. Either completely or only for new players. You can still import other players' creations though:
We checked if it's still possible to create new account (fresh EA + fresh SPORE account) and it worked.
skeletonbow: Are you saying you can buy the game here, and you receive keys that are valid to redeem the game also on Origin? I'm just wanting to confirm that and know exactly how it works.
Yup. It's even necessary if you want to access online features (EA Account & Origin account is the same)