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Sometimes great power comes with great (ir)responsibility.

<span class="bold">Sorcerer King</span>, a turn-based fantasy strategy/RPG about cancelling the Apocalypse, is available now DRM-free on with Galaxy support and a 50% launch discount.

Becoming the King usually requires a touch of magic, either in the form of a ridiculously fabulous getup or a vast knowledge of the arcane. Lacking the pizzazz to pull off the former, the evil Sorcerer King set out to take over the world one spell at a time, absorbing its magic in a misguided attempt to become God. As the leader of one of the few defiant cities, stopping the Sorcerer is both your duty and your privilege, for butting heads with a wannabe-god has never been so fun!

Not only will you build your own army while carefully out-diplomancing your arch-enemy, but you will also make your Sovereign of choice a force to be reckoned with. Gear and level up through hundreds of delightful quests, then join forces with the rest of the desperate sovereigns — by forming alliances or by conquering their kingdoms. But while you are meticulously planning your turns, keep an eye on the Doomsday Counter: if the Sorcerer King manages to complete the spell and turn himself into a god, it will be a most unfortunate turn of events. The final turn of your turn-based adventures.

So turn the tables on the upcoming Apocalypse and smack some sense into the evil <span class="bold">Sorcerer King</span>, DRM-free on The 50% launch discount will last until January 17 1:59 PM GMT.

Q&A Alert!

This Friday, January 15th at 6pm GMT (7pm CET / 1pm EST / 10am PST), we'll be hosting two guys from the Stardock team for a special Q&A event on the forums. Join Patrick Shaw(Producer) and Scott Tykoski(Mad Scientist) for a chat about all things Sorcerer King for a great start to the coming weekend!
IAmSinistar: It would be nice to have a more balanced selection of releases. Some of these waves of games in the same genre are due to GOG signing a new publisher. Often publishers specialise in a specific genre, ergo a lot of releases in said genre.
Matruchus: It kind of feels like 6 months of strategy games releases and before that it was 1 year of adventure games/platformers and rpg releases. Judas named it a genre release cycle about a year ago when I was screaming bloody murder cause of the flood of above mentioned genres and no strategies :)
Yes and now I expect to see you playing those strategies as I expect you have more than a few now :P
Matruchus: Now all I wan't to hear is positive confirmation for HoI IV :P
Guys and gals, just FYI - the Sorcerer King devs are here to answer questions!

You can ask them about the game, their plans for the future, and their dev career (or whatever else comes to mind) in the Q&amp;A thread here.

They'll be available for the next 1h 45min :)