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There are six sides to every challenge.

UPDATE: Get the game's Season Pass, which grants you access to the Soundtrack (also available separately), two puzzle packs and a classic Q.U.B.E. glove skin. The DLC packs and skin will unlock later this year.

Q.U.B.E. 2 is now available, 20% off until March 20, 5pm UTC.
How did you end up inside a curious monolith, surrounded by alien technology and wearing a pair of high-tech gloves that can manipulate the very architecture of this ancient place? Commander Emma Sutcliffe seems to have some answers, so all you can do is allow her voice to guide you through the labyrinthine structure as you struggle to overcome increasingly tricky puzzles and learn shocking truths that will make you question everything you think you knew about the Q.U.B.E.
X-com: Looks cool but do people know about the season pass that's on Steam for this game?

Season Pass includes:

Q.U.B.E. 2 Official Soundtrack (Out Now!)
Classic Q.U.B.E. glove skin (Out March!)
Classic themed DLC puzzle pack 1 - 10+ New Puzzles (Out Q3!)
Unannounced DLC puzzle pack 2 (TBA)

JudasIscariot: Fixed.
Tarhiel: Hm, so far, link to Season Pass does not work :)

Edit.// It does work now.
Also fixed.