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Mafia is now available DRM-free and only on
The action/adventure classic that you really shouldn't refuse, finally returns. Embark on a celebrated open-world thriller and follow Tommy Angelo's rise (or fall, depending on your perspective) to a perilous life of high-stakes crime in 1930s America. The city of Lost Heaven is your playground, as long as you don't let the police catch you in the act, wise guy.

NOTE: This rerelease of Mafia has an edited soundtrack and does not include any licensed music.
Lobuno: F*ck again GOG!!!! Where's the already existing full dubbed spanish version ?????
Like I posted in game subforum, currently awaiting publisher's approval:
Kristian: GOG won't let me buy this game: "You cannot proceed with your order because game Mafia is not allowed to be sold in your country of residence." This factually inaccurate, there are no legal restrictions on any games whatsoever here.
Could you open a Support ticket please? It will help us with pinpointing the source.
high rated
Ancient-Red-Dragon: All potential customers should have a clear answer as to what music, specifically, exactly, is included and excluded within GOGs phrase "the game's original soundtrack." Nobody other than GOG and the publisher knows what that phrase means. Therefore, it requires public clarification by way of much greater specificity.
tfishell: It'd be nice but again it may be tough to get a response. However Thiev responded to a question about languages, so you may be in luck.

I believe the original musical score is still intact, but the soundtrack - radio music, basically music with lyrics - is not.
To clarify: by 'original music' we mean Mafia Orchestral Score composed by Vladimir Šimůnek
Tpiom: "You cannot proceed with your order because game Mafia is not allowed to be sold in your country of residence."


Blast you gog!
Please open a Support ticket. We're getting several seemingly completely unrelated places that are affected and each example will make it easier to fix.