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<span class="bold">Californium</span>, a surreal adventure in the unmapped intersection of realities, is available now DRM-free on for Windows and Mac, with a 10% launch discount.

Creating different, plausible realities is what writers do, if they are any good. Elvin Green is not considered good by his editor, who no longer wants him as his client. He is not considered good by his wife either, as made abundantly clear in the goodbye letter she left behind. Elvin Green needs a different reality. And he will get a number of them bundled with weird, psychedelic images that wash over his mind, as he looks to make sense out of a meaningless existence.

1967 is not a good year for Elvin Green. But it has now become a very interesting one. As he explores the shifting realities that converge around him, he realises he can communicate with the colorful inhabitants and hop between worlds by touching objects which don't seem to belong. And unlike the bleak, dystopian imagery in which most of Philip K. Dick's work is typically represented in various media, the realities of Californium are bathed in a vibrant, intoxicating palette, representative of Elvin Green's indulgence in recreational chemicals. Will they prove to be the root of his plights or the catalyst to better understanding himself?

Get lost within the layered realities of <span class="bold">Californium</span> and find the piece of mind you're missing, DRM-free on The 10% launch discount will last until February 24, 10:59 AM GMT.
catpower1980: mmm, a game co-funded by Arte, that could be interesting.....

BUT the framerate seems atrocious in that trailer :(
It's much better in the game itself.
high rated
PaterAlf: It might be interesting that the single episodes can be downloaded for free from Arte's website:
This is true - since Arte is a public channel, folks from France and Germany can get the game for free. There are several pretty marked differences between the free and retail versions though.

The free version is:
— available in French & German only
— episodical, it'll be released piece by piece
— missing the save feature
— missing the OST bonus-content
styggron: Hello Konrad,
You say the free version is missing the OST, but when I look at GoG's version it does not say it has an OST. Nothing lists as extras on the GoG version from what I can tell. Have I missed something ?

Also more generally,
I watched, albeit briefly, a few youtube plays and the game looks ok to me. I am worried it might be poor. There is only a single review here on GoG but the stars are high.
HypersomniacLive: Emm.. what OST bonus are you referring to? The game page doesn't list any extras, nor have I seen anyone post here that the game does indeed come with the OST.
Will it be added later, or is this an "oops"?

On a side note - the episodical release, and perhaps even the absence of the English language, may not be a big deal to the taxpayers that funded it, but to not offer a saving feature is giving them the short end of the stick. Why? Because they don't pay again to play them? At least the BBC produced games got it right - taxpayers get the exact same game, content and feature wise, as everyone else that has to pay for them after release.
styggron: Exactly what I also asked on the previous page. No extras appear to list on GoG
catpower1980: Like other people, I'm quoting you for the absence of the OST on GOG gamecard too ;)
So, it looks like we all got a little confused over here — but long story short, the OST should be available pretty much right.... now.

If you don't see it in your shelf yet, try performing the all-resolving, all-encompasing refresh by heading to this link: