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There was no newspost because we thought a big spot visibility and a partner page that explains the reasoning behind the collection was enough.

I also see there are some discussions going on which I don't want to interrupt, but please keep in mind to be civil to each other.
While I do appreciate that most of you are being civil, the discussion has gone into a very heated direction and topic, which isn't appropriate for this forum.

You are welcome to discuss the games in it! But please bring this to a close or move it to Private Messages. Should it return to the previous topics, I am unfortunately forced to lock this thread :(
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BlueMooner: As a queer person, I thought I'd address two points I saw here.
I won't quote the entire thing here but it was very well said, and my thoughts exactly, thank you!
Being one of the staffers involved in creating the Pride Collection, for me the value of it is having these titles listed together for people to see games that feature storylines and characters that represent Queer community. Through comments on social media I could see many of these games were unknown to people before, or they weren't aware of LGBT stories being present there so that's great we could've maybe recommend something new to someone who may be interested. I remember my teenage years of looking of any positive representation I could relate to- you can imagine it wasn't something really discussed or shown in 00s Poland- and even though nowadays it's much easier to find, I'm thinking of this list as of something a teenage me would be happy to see. I know there are people that will see it as disingenuous as it makes GOG "just another company participating" and I understand why, but me and other people who made this collection happen really wanted to make it happen regardless; and honestly I just hope someone was happy to discover a new game to play it, regardless of what platform they'll choose to eventually purchase it from, now or in the future.
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Mori_Yuki: You seem to have missed adding Divinity 2 Developers Cut since in Divinity 2: Ego Draconis you are able to change your gender by way of illusion. This is why I think it has to be on the list and on sale! If you wish to be all-inclusive - that is! :-p
The games on the list were selected by our queer Team members, so the list does not include all games with LGBTQ+ themes. But we appreciate all the suggestions! :)