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JudasIscariot: An employer who refuses to let an employee pick up their child from school can face severe legal consequences in most countries. I am not sure of the rules on this offhand but I know that that some sort of protection for the employee exists in a capitalist system.

The bank employee scenario can easily be avoided by the customer standing firm and saying "NO!" every once in a while as you are always going to have people attempting to manipulate you into something you don't need. See just about every department store clerk :) It's called "sales", it's done everywhere, and the onus of responsibility lies on the consumer to prevent themselves being manipulated by a savvy clerk or sales employee.

Also, under a capitalist system the aforementioned employee with the child has the choice of changing jobs if they find the employer to be unbearable.
johnnygoging: capitalism doesn't necessarily provide those protections. rather government does. countries with more ingrained capitalist values tend to have higher turnover rates that succumb more easily to market pressure.

capitalism affords no rights whatsoever. it is government and society which does this. if a country was all about capitalism, it would have no laws that contradict profit or stakeholders of any such assets in any way.
That's why I mentioned laws that protect the worker in the first place :) I never stated that capitalism provides any sort of protection :)
Brasas: How long until "How long until Poland goes down the drain?" thread goes down the drain?
Longer than Gierek's rule :P Perhaps Bierut will rise from the dead too :D