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Lifthrasil: The game is on again.
my name is catte: One might even say the game is a hand? Wait, no.
This reminds me of a funny scene from Succession.
dedoporno: Can I get a bump?

Never mind.
I know you said never mind, but have a bump.
Day 3 has broken. You may post again!
Happy 4th to my fellow Americans!

Happy Treason Day to the Brits!

Happy Monday to the rest of you who have nothing to do with it!
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I need another bump in the game thread, please!
Morning has broken.

You may resume playing, if you are still alive.
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Lifthrasil: Morning has broken.

You may resume playing, if you are still alive.
Time for tea now the game is over.
So, who's next?
Lifthrasil: So, who's next?
I put you back on the hosting list, are you happy with that?

Is anybody else interesting in hosting a mafia game sometime? Reply here or pm me if you have any questions about it
New sign-up thread:
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Lifthrasil: So, who's next?
Some of you will recall my utter distraction a few months ago and asking for prayers for my aunt whom I thought was dying. Well, God has answered those prayers remarkably!

Within the last two-and-a-half weeks, my aunt has become able to make it upstairs (13 stairs with a landing in the middle) for the first time in 3 months, she's down to 1/2 liter of oxygen per minute instead of [the pre-ICU level of] 50 liters per minute, she was able to ditch the walker for short distances, can get up and down even late at night, and walked 200 feet(61m) with a walker. Her balance is starting to improve. Her heart has recovered significantly from the A-Fib she'd had. Long-term disability has also kicked in so insurance is paying for things again (for now).

My aunt still has a long way to recover (especially her lungs), but the end of the tunnel is apparent, and she is so much better than she had been. (There are of course other major aches/pains in my family due to various health ailments, but none of them have caused hospitalization, for which I am profoundly grateful.)

Thank you very much for your prayers and praise Christ!
I'm really happy for you!